How to Buy Weed: An Evolution of the Cannabis Industry

It’s safe to say that the cannabis industry has come a long way in recent years. For generations, weed was an underground commodity, only available on the black market. But today, thanks to a wave of legalization movements sweeping the globe, cannabis is now a legal substance in many countries and states. And that means it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on some high-quality herb. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to buy weed in the age of legalization. Plus, a look at how far we’ve come and what’s next for the industry.

Black Market Weed is a Thing of the Past

Long gone are the days of hitting up your ‘guy’ and meeting in some shady parking lot after dark. Even if that wasn’t your experience, and you bought weed from a solid friend, there are still some questions to ask. Who grew it? Where did it come from? Was it tested after harvest? Chances are that you might not ever get the answers to these questions. 

While black-market weed is probably okay, it gets really sticky regarding illegal extracts. This is a hard no. Just don’t do it. It takes incredible skill and very precise machinery to manufacture cannabis extracts, and a lot can go wrong with a backyard extraction lab. We’ve all seen the news stories where someone blew up their garage trying to make butane hash oil. Even garage blasters that end up with a final product can’t guarantee that it’s free from residual solvents.

Basically—why buy weed on the black market when there are so many affordable, high-quality concentrates, pre-rolls, blunts, and flower available?

How to Buy Weed in Legal Markets

The evolution of the cannabis industry has been so quick. The industry we see today would be unrecognizable ten years ago. It was only a pipe dream when most of us first started smoking weed, and now here we are. Let’s take a look at how we got here.

Medical Marijuana Paved the Way

In the early days of legalization, medical marijuana was the only available option. Those with a card could shop in a dispensary for various products. Back then, most items were solely hand-packaged and often had homemade labels. Anyone could make cannabis edibles at home, package them up, and sell them to a dispensary. 

The dispensaries themselves were not fancy or decorated to evoke a vibe or sensation. It was just weed, a few dabs wrapped in parchment, some edibles, and a lot of RSO that patients desperately needed. 

The medical marijuana movement was incredibly community-oriented, and patients learned from and with one another to help lay the groundwork for what would become a multi-billion dollar industry in just a few short years. 

This was a true community happening and nothing like the luxury shopping experiences we have today. 

Legal Weed for the Masses

Legalization ushered in waves of new cannabis products as state by state adopted adult-use cannabis laws. The green rush was more alive than ever before, and every venture capitalist in the country was hungry for a slice of the pie. 

Those looking to buy into the retail sector curated designer experiences for consumers to come in and indulge their senses. Dispensaries were built by architects and furnished by interior designers to showcase shelves filled with famous cannabis brands.

Budtenders are ready to greet you and answer all of your questions about their product line, guiding you to the perfect item just for you. Dispensaries are a beautiful experience, but after you become a regular shopper, it’s nice to have something more convenient. 

Skip the Wait & Shop Online

While we don’t have much to thank COVID for, it opened up many new avenues for weed delivery. Deemed essential businesses, dispensaries were quick to act on how they stay open and keep ushering in new business. While many offered delivery options, COVID threw gasoline on the fire. 

If the dispensary couldn’t hire a delivery driver, no problem. New third-party licensees quickly partnered with dispensaries to offer consumers an online shopping experience with little effort on their part. Sure, you could order pickup from your favorite shop and grab it on the way home. Or, you could be eating dinner and decide you want your after-dinner weed gummies delivered to your door. 

Although convenient, delivery isn’t the most affordable option. Delivery services have plenty of overhead of their own, so there are always fees tied to delivery. And you don’t want to be a jerk, so please tip your driver. 

Cut Out the Middleman With DTC

What’s better than choosing delivery to buy weed? Shopping directly from the brands you love and having it delivered. Brands have traditionally relied on budtenders to act as their sales team, but that means plenty of opportunities fall through the cracks. No one knows a brand like the people behind it, so why not skip the middleman and directly connect with your target audience? 

The future is clear for shopping for cannabis. More and more brands are hopping on the direct-to-consumer bandwagon, and their customers are so thankful. Not only do they get the best deals, but they also have a closer connection point with the people making the products they love. It’s a win for everyone. 

The Future of Cannabis is Now

Choosing how to buy weed has never been easier than it is today. With cannabis legalization sweeping the globe, more and more people are gaining access to high-quality herb. If you want to know how to buy weed, all you need to do is find a dispensary in your area and start browsing their selection. And if you’re unsure of what you want, just ask the budtender for advice—they’ll be more than happy to help you out.