1g Premium Concentrates

Connoisseur grade concentrates at a price you love. 73-89% THC

Lime believes that cannabis tastes excellent just as it is. It needs nothing more than its incredible terpenes to make your taste buds tingle with excitement. Then we asked ourselves, “What if we could amplify that flavor?” So we did. Each type of concentrate in our collection is carefully crafted to maintain strain integrity. Every inhale exudes an aroma that you wish would linger a bit longer. All of our concentrates are made with hand selected flower from small-batch farmers in the Emerald Triangle. Fire in, fire out. Shop from multiple Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains to ignite your vibe anyway you like.







All of our concentrates begin with flower sourced from small-batch farmers in the Emerald Triangle.

We sell Diamonds, Batter, Budder, Sugar, and Shatter made with live resin. We also sell Ice Water Hash and Premium THC Syringes.

We offer multiple strains in each type of extracts in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica.

Cannabis is available for sale and use to adults over 21 in the state of California.

Yes, our Ice Water Hash is solventless.

There is no one dose for everyone. We recommend starting with a small dab the size of a pinhead and see how you feel. Then work your way up incrementally until you find the right high.