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Our all-in-one rechargeable vapes reimagine potency and power. Made from pure cannabis oil, rich in single-sourced cannabis-derived terpenes our full-gram vapes deliver a strain-specific high suited for any vibe.

Lime Cannabis Flower


Lime hand-selects our flower to bring you the most potent products on the market. Using our signature Indoor Exotic flower, and craft-cannabis sourced from small-batch farmers in the Emerald triangle we bring you an experience deeply rooted in the culture.


Aromatic, rich and smooth on the palate our award winning concentrates redefine quality at unmatched pricing. Follow the vibe with our ever-evolving strain catalog.


Our artisan-crafted edibles take flavor and potency to new heights. Made from all natural ingredients, our edibles are Gluten-Free & Vegan, with no added sugars.

The best things
in life come with
a lime on the side.

Lime is a cannabis company for all.

We are a team of legacy operators, equity champions, and real-deal OG’s - all of who work tirelessly to bring you cannabis the way it should be, affordable, effective, and loud.


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Lime has 400+ products across all categories, with something in mind for everyone — because the best things in life come with a lime on the side.

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