The best things in life come with a lime on the side.

Lime was created to bring choice to California cannabis consumers. Our mission is to bring you cannabis the way it should be, premium and potent at a price point accessible to all. Lime is and always will be a brand for the people, showcased through our constant evolution, innovation, and diverse offerings. We aim to build community through consumption while creating shareable moments along the way. Lime’s purpose-driven vision was born through the combination of the research, development and authentic experience lead by Sergey Vasilyev and the strategic, financial, and operational expertise of Giovanti Humphries.


Lime was established in Los Angeles, California by Giovanti and Sergey.


Lime expands its product offering, while starting to work on version 2 of the brand identity. By the end of the year the Lime team is strengthened and expands into Northern California.


Award winning #1 Brand in Leading Social Responsibility 2021. Award winning #1 Brand in Fasted Growing Ingestibles 2021.
Lime starts to establish itself as a competitor to much larger competition. Hundreds of SKUs are added to the line up, and recognition starts to take place.


Award winner Best Blunt by LA WEEKLY 2022. Award winner Best of Weedmaps 2022. Lime gets new life, we moved into and built out our global HQ in downtown LA Partnered with Nabis and continued to expand our market presence.


Award winner Farmers Cup People’s Choice Infused pre-roll 2023 Lime continues to launch new products, dominate categories, and will ignite the next stage of growth through our Petalfast partnership.