Ready to spark, perfectly packed, and bursting with flavor.

A no-mess, grab-and-go pre-roll is ideal for any scenario. When you want to get high on the fly, we’ve got you covered with plenty of pre-roll options.

Inhale the best taste & highest potency

Our all-in-one rechargeable vapes reimagine potency and power. Made from pure cannabis oil, and rich in single-sourced cannabis-derived terpenes our full-gram vapes deliver a strain-specific high suited for any vibe.

From our hands to yours.

Sometimes the occasion calls for a blunt. Whether you want to sesh with your whole crew or pat yourself on the back for a job well done—grab one of our premium blunts and get your mind right.

Mighty small, mighty strong.

Don’t let the size of these small buds fool you. We hand-select baby buds from the best growers in the Emerald Triangle to bring you a bounty of supreme smokable, rollable, and bluntable herb. Pack a bud straight into your bong, or grind up these small nugs for a hand-rolled joint. There’s no wrong way to Lime.

Connoisseur grade concentrates at a price you love.

Lime believes that cannabis tastes excellent just as it is. It needs nothing more than its incredible terpenes to make your taste buds tingle with excitement. Then we asked ourselves, “What if we could amplify that flavor?” So we did.

Full-spectrum effects you can sip on

Create your own infused potion with the World’s Tastiest artisan-crafted, extra-strength Syrup. With a 1,000 mg THC per bottle our syrups can be a cosmic solo mission or passed around the sesh. Our all-natural Syrups are tapioca-based with No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Vegan & Gluten-Free.

Little bites of bliss.

Lime gummies are the chewy, fruity treat you’ve been waiting for. With a glittering sugared exterior and a juicy center bursting with flavor—you’ll have to resist eating the entire bag. 




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Lime has 200+ products across all categories, with something in mind for everyone — because the best things in life come with a lime on the side.

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