Joints vs Pre-Rolls vs Blunts: Which is Best?

Vaping and dabbing have been leading the charge in inhalable cannabis products over recent years, but it’s not the same as sparking up. When you want to taste fresh flower, you need a joint, pre-roll, or blunt. Which is your favorite? Here are all the similarities and differences among joints vs pre-rolls vs blunts to consider before you stock up on your next weed run

Joints Overview

We know and love joints for their simplicity. All you need is some good weed and a rolling paper!

What Does a Joint Look Like?

Joints are tapered toward the end of their cylindrical shape, and they look like cigarettes without the filter (usually). Depending on the paper, they might be white, tan, brown, or possibly have artwork on them. Remember those Juicy Jay rolling papers? You could be puffing on a Strawberry Cough doobie wrapped in strawberry-flavored paper with strawberries printed on it. Classic. 

How Much Weed Is in a Joint?

It depends. You can roll a pinner with about a quarter gram of weed. Or, you can twist up a hog with a full gram! On average, most joints contain 0.3-0.7 grams of weed. 

What Are the Benefits of Joints?

Joints are a classic and easy way to light up. Use any strain or combination of strains you like. You can smoke them down the end and “leave no trace” of your smoke break. Plus, if you’re rolling your own, you can get super creative and combine papers to make tons of fun shapes and artwork. Don’t be fooled. This is a challenge! Check out the joint art by Tony Greenhand and watch a master at work. 

What Is a Spliff?

A spliff is a joint with a bit of tobacco mixed in. We don’t recommend picking up a tobacco habit if you don’t have one, as cigarette smokers are more likely to prefer spliffs. Still, tobacco adds to the buzz and offers a different flavor profile than straight weed. 

Pre-Rolls Overview

Pre-rolls are joints that somebody else rolled. Typically, a brand selling them, like Lime! 

What Does a Pre-Roll Look Like?

Pre-rolls look just like joints but are much more professional. Not because you can’t roll a fine jimmy, but because they are usually made with a machine. There are no lumpy spots, the seams are even, and the crutch is perfectly placed. 

How Much Weed Is in a Pre-Roll?

It depends on the brand, but since pre-rolls are usually sold in packs, the amount of weed per joint is often divided among common amounts. For example, a pack of joints might contain three grams of weed across five joints. So, each pre-roll contains 0.6 grams of weed. 

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Rolls?

Convenience is the biggest benefit of pre-rolls. You don’t have to spend time grinding weed, trying not to rip a paper, or getting a crutch in there just right. Simply take it out of its packaging and spark it up. Pre-rolls are made with the help of a machine that shakes and packs the weed in so that it burns evenly all the way through, which is another huge bonus. Plus, many pre-rolls are infused with hash oils or rolled in kief, like our Lil Limes.

Blunts Overview

Blunts are for seasoned smokers with exceptional taste! 

What Does a Blunt Look Like?

Blunts look just like cigars. They are big and thick and typically wrapped in a dark brown paper of some kind. Depending on what kind of cigar wrap you use, it might contain tobacco. Classic blunts use tobacco leaf wraps, but many brands have opted for hemp wraps (like ours!). This is a huge bonus for people that don’t want to mix nicotine with weed. 

How Much Weed Is in a Blunt?

Blunts require much more weed than joints, and the average blunt contains about two grams. But, again, it will depend on how big your blunt wrap is. The learning curve on rolling blunts can be frustrating, so skip the trouble and invest in a Lime premium blunt

What Are the Benefits of Blunts?

Blunts are a luxury smoking experience that’s perfect for sharing with a group. They’re also versatile, as you can stuff them with any kind of cannabis flower or properly stored concentrate. The flavor profile of blunts is different from joints or pre-rolls: they have less ash, which means that your taste buds won’t get overwhelmed by harsh smoke. Additionally, blunts last longer than joints, so you can take more hits without needing to re-light as often. Remember to go slow with blunts, you can’t smoke them the same way you’d puff a joint or you might end up greening out.

Joints vs Pre-Rolls vs Blunts: Why Choose? Have One of Each!

Joints, pre-rolls, and blunts are all excellent ways to enjoy some good weed. No need to pick a favorite. Just try them all! We’ve got plenty of pre-ground flower to pack your joints, and if you want something quick and easy, check out our jars of pre-rolls or invest in a 1.75-gram doobie to share with your friends. Then, for that special occasion (or Tuesday afternoon), grab a blunt! There’s no wro