Top 10 THC Drink Recipes With Lime Syrup

THC Drink Recipes

Have you tried THC mocktails yet? These fantastically flavored fruity drinks combine THC-infused syrups with fruit juices, herbs, seltzers, and other ingredients to create flavorful beverages to appease any crowd. They are so tasty you won’t even notice that they are alcohol-free. Plus, the slow and steady high from liquid THC will keep you feeling […]

How to Find the Right Edibles Dose

edibles dose

At some point in our cannabis journey, we’ve all had that awful edible experience. Even the most experienced dabbers and heavyweight tokers have mistakenly thought that they could handle a hefty edibles dose, only to find themselves bugging out and feeling anxious. It’s a not-so-pleasant feeling that can last for several hours. We highly recommend […]