How to Smoke Concentrates and Extracts

you have yet to step into the world of concentrates and extracts, let us inspire you with this guide on how to smoke concentrates and extracts. First, imagine your favorite cannabis strain. How does it feel to spark a bowl of that earthy, musky, sweet sativa? A big inhale followed by a smooth, flavorful exhale. Weed is grand, right? 

We love flower for its pure simplicity and fresh flavors, but sometimes we just want more. More cannabinoids, more terpenes, bigger exhales, stronger highs! 

All of this comes from concentrates and extracts. Every rich cloud of smoke takes you higher and higher, along with the THC percentages in live resin, diamonds, budder, badder, and all kinds of hash. 

It’s a sublime experience. If you have yet to experience this luxury, let us walk you through how to smoke concentrates and extracts. 

Different Types of Concentrates and Extracts

Before diving into how to smoke concentrates and extracts, let’s talk a bit more about what defines these words. The terms ‘concentrates’ and ‘extracts’ are often interchangeable. Is the THC concentrated from weed, or is it extracted? Some people think that solventless methods deliver concentrates like ice wax, rosin, or bubble hash. While solvent-based methods produce extracts like shatter, crumble, live resin, and diamonds. 

We prefer the term concentrates as an umbrella for all of these formats. The word concentrate encompasses many different textures, potencies, colors, and flavors, including:

  • Badder
  • Budder
  • Sugar
  • Live Resin Diamonds
  • Ice Water Hash
  • Shatter
  • Full Spectrum Oil

Each of these offers its own unique characteristics, and none is better than the other. What we can tell you is that cannabis concentrates are much more potent than flower. For example, cannabis strains vary in potency from about 15-25% THC. Concentrates can reach staggering heights, upwards of 90% THC. Even lower-end concentrates tend to hover above 50% THC. 

The first thing to know when learning how to smoke concentrates is that a little goes a long way. Always start with a small amount before you dive in too deep. Always store your concentrates properly to ensure they stay fresh.

Best Ways to Smoke Concentrates and Extracts

There are so many fun ways to smoke concentrates. Give these a try, and tell us what you think!

Dab Rig

If you already know how to smoke concentrates, this is likely not news to you. A dab rig is, without a doubt, the best way to smoke concentrates and you can use any kind in a rig so long as it’s full melt. The practice is called “dabbing” and you’ll need a few tools. A dab rig is a water bong featuring a “nail” where the classic bowl would be. Fill the rig with just enough water, but not so much that it backsplashes into your mouth when you inhale. 

Then, use a handheld torch to heat the nail until it turns fire-red. Or, use an electronic nail so you can see the temperature. Although not everyone agrees on temperature, you want to keep it above 500 degrees Fahrenheit and below 700. Otherwise, you’ll burn your terpenes. 

Once the nail cools to the ideal temperature, use a dab tool to place a small amount of concentrate directly onto the hot nail. Remember to start small with dabs so you don’t green out. Slowly inhale as the concentrate disappears into vapor. Use a carb cap to cover the nail as you finish your hit. Remember to inhale slowly. Dabs feel super smooth, but they are much more potent than flower so you want to pace yourself at first. Be sure to clean your dab rig!

Dab Pen

A dab pen makes dabbing much more discreet and convenient without fussing over all of the equipment for a rig. It’s like a personal vape pen, but you load it yourself. There is a compartment to place your concentrate, and when you press a button, the heating element vaporizes the concentrates as you inhale. Super simple, easy to clean, and lasts a long time when taken care of. Be sure to fully charge the battery to extend its lifetime. Any kind of concentrate works well in a dab pen. Of course, if you don’t want to use concentrates in a dab pen, just grab one of our vapes that is already loaded with extract and ready to go!

Top a Bowl

When learning how to smoke concentrates, this is often the first thing people try because you likely have a pipe handy. You can add any type of concentrate to a bowl of weed. The easiest way is to use a syringe filled with cannabis concentrates.

Or you can use normal concentrates by just using a dab tool to scoop a portion onto your already-packed pipe or bong. Be careful when lighting, and be sure to take a slow, smooth inhale. Make sure that the oil doesn’t make its way into your glass, or you’ll have a sticky mess to deal with after your session. 

Roll Into (or onto) a Joint

Learning how to smoke concentrates in a joint requires a bit of expertise. The goal is to prep your joint and then either add a bit to the inside, or roll it onto the outside. If you put concentrates into the joint, we suggest using ice water hash, or sugar. They have a fine texture that is easily sprinkled onto the weed. If you want to try the outside method, choose shatter. Warm the shatter slightly between your fingers and roll it out into a snake. Then, slowly wrap and press it onto the outside of your joint. Sprinkle a bit of kief or hash onto the outside for added flavor and effect.

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