How to Roll a Joint With a Filter

There is just something special about a well-rolled joint that smokes perfectly from start to finish. However, it’s quite common for a person not to know how to roll a joint. In this case, pre-rolls come in handy! However, with some practice and our pro joint rolling tips, we’ll have you rolling fat in no time. Our secret to rolling the perfect J is to roll a joint with a filter. Learning how to roll a joint with a filter will lead to a much more enjoyable smoke. 

One of the benefits of using a filter is that there’s a much better mouthpiece to inhale smoke from. If you roll a joint with a filter, you are much less likely to accidentally seal the mouthpiece with your lips while you’re inhaling. A filter will also help prevent you from inhaling any ground weed, aka “scooby snack.” Here at Lime, we know how it’s done. Let us set you up for joint success; eventually, you’ll have the bars to match your knowledge. 

The Art of Rolling the Perfect Joint

It feels great to be the one in the friend group to bar up the perfect joint. Practice makes perfect, and you could be impressing your friends with some incredible joint rolling skills in no time. When attempting to roll the perfect joint, it is important to consider including a filter. Knowing how to roll a joint with a filter elevates the smoking experience to new heights and is definitely going to be appreciated by the people smoking it.   

Step by Step: How to Roll a Joint With a Filter

Learning how to roll a joint with a filter is a must. Filters give the joint’s mouthpiece a sturdiness, allowing them to be easily hit and passed. Another great benefit is the lack of scooby snacks that smokers will get from the joint, start to finish. Who wants to nibble on weed when smoking? Filters make joints better all-round and should definitely be included with your routine.  

What You Need: 

  • Weed
  • Grinder
  • Papers (hemp or rice)
  • Filters (pre rolled or not)
  • Rolling tray or flat surface
  • Patience

Step 1: Grind your weed!

Okay, before you can practice learning how to roll a joint with a filter, you need to stock up on some high-quality flower. We’ve got plenty of flower to choose from, including our diamond and ice water hash-infused ready-to-roll. If you go with whole buds, grinding your weed will help the joint pack and smoke way more uniformly. There is no need to pulverize the buds, but get a nice consistency and ensure there are no stems or sticks that might poke through the paper.

Step 2: Roll up a filter (or not!)

If you bought pre-rolled filters, congratulations, you get to skip this step! If not, no worries, it’s super easy. Take your filter paper and fold one end like an accordion, alternating the direction of the fold. After three or so folds, wrap the remaining filter paper around the folded section to create the outer ring of your now freshly rolled filter. Either way, this step is pretty crucial to learning how to roll a joint with a filter!

Step 3: Place filter at one end of a joint paper

Pick a side for the mouthpiece and put the filter there. The weed will go in front of the filter. This is usually going to be the most narrow end of the joint, especially if you’re going for a cone.

Step 4: Place the ground weed in front of the filter.

Gently add your ground cannabis flowers to the desired size of your joint. If you have a scale available, start rolling up a gram first.  

Step 5: Tuck the front side of the joint paper and roll.

Roll the joint’s front side under the backside, starting at the end with your filter. Working your way down from there, make sure to use the tuck to compress the weed down before completing the roll.

Step 6: Lick and Seal!

Once everything is tucked in tight, lick the sticky part of the paper and seal up your filtered joint.  

Advanced Joint Rolling Techniques

When you’re ready to level up, we’ve got you covered on some more advanced approaches to joint rolling that we think you’ll really enjoy. These aren’t necessary by any means and are just fun ways to spice up your next roll. You can play around with these styles to figure out how to roll a joint with a filter for any of these options.

How to roll a fat joint

Rolling a fat joint requires more weed! When trying to roll a big joint, you can either pack it tighter or roll a regular paper bigger. However, if you want to go even fatter, try rolling with some king-size joint papers.  

How to roll a twax joint

The first thing you need to decide when rolling a concentrate-infused joint is if you’re going to put it on the inside or outside of the paper. We recommend putting the concentrates inside the joint and saving kief for the outside. Distribute the wax inside the joint. Shatter or fresh press rosin works best for this because you can roll it into a snake, making it easy to add to a joint evenly.

How to roll a joint without a filter

Rolling a joint without a filter is pretty much the same process as rolling one with a filter. Just make sure you roll the end you plan on using as the mouthpiece tighter, so you don’t accidentally get some pieces of ground weed in your mouth. 

How to roll a cone joint

Rolling a cone is all about the distribution of weed before completing the roll. Make sure there is less weed towards the mouthpiece end and more towards the end you’ll light. Rolling it in a cone shape will come naturally if you keep the weed distributed properly by rolling the weed tighter near the mouth of the joint. 

How to roll a cross joint

To roll a cross joint, you start by rolling two joints. Maybe try rolling one larger joint and another half its size. After rolling the two joints, poke a hole through the larger joint where you want your cross to be. Carefully thread the smaller joint through the hole you poked until it’s even on each side, forming the cross.