Sativa (1.0g) | XJ-13

LIME 1 gram sativa is a great way to focus, stay happy, and socialize. LIME 1 grams are high quality smalls that are perfect for any occasion.

Chernobyl is a hybrid from California’s TGA Genetics. Company co-founder Subcool created the strain in 2007 by combining a cut called Bloodwreck — a cross between a male Trainwreck and a female Trinity — with a Jack the Ripper male. The Bloodwreck mother was also used to produce strains such as Queen Anne’s Revenge and Timewreck. The female, Subcool said, exhibited genetic stability (producing no male stamen), which he felt paired well with Jack the Ripper’s genetics.

Chernobyl was High Times Strain of the Year in 2010. According to TGA, the strain delivers a lime Slurpee/sherbet flavor and pleasantly sedative, therapeutic effects.