Little bites of bliss.

Little bites of bliss

Lime gummies are the chewy, fruity treat you’ve been waiting for. With a glittering sugared exterior and a juicy center bursting with flavor—you’ll have to resist eating the entire bag. We use only the most delectable live resin, which only adds to the juiciness. Live resin is a wildly tasty extract and perfectly complements these sweet treats.

100mg Live Resin Gummies

Each gummy contains 10 mg THC, with a total of 10 servings per bag. Start with one gummy (or a half if it’s your first time!) and wait a full two hours for peak results. The full-spectrum effects of our gummies come on strong, leaving you melting into full-body relaxation. Available in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica so you can choose your mood before you partake.

→ 100mg
→ Infused with live resin
→ 10mg THC per gummy
→ Sativa, Hybrid, Indica

Available in sativa, hybrid & indica

100mg Gummies FOR DELIVERY

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Most frequent questions and answers
Our THC gummies are made with Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Sugar, Water, Carrageenan, Cannabis Extract, Polysorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Natural Color.
Each gummy contains 10 mg THC and there are 10 servings per package.
There are 10 gummies in a package for a total of 100 mg THC.
  • There are 12 flavors of gummies.
  • Sativa: Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry
  • Hybrid: Cherry, Fruit Punch, Peach, Watermelon
  • Indica: Blue Raspberry, Galactic Grape, Pink Lemonade, Wild Berry
THC gummies get you high. They offer the same kind of effects as smoking a joint, blunt, or taking a dab. However, the high can last much longer.
You might start to feel the initial effects within 30 minutes, but it can take 90 minutes to two hours to take full effect. If you haven’t felt anything after two hours, go ahead and have a little more. If it hasn’t been two hours yet, wait and see. You can always take more but you can’t take less.
Depending on the dosage, a gummy high can last between 3-6 hours. The more you take, the longer you will be high.

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