Comparing the High: Flower vs Concentrates vs Edibles

There is a plethora of cannabis or cannabis-infused products available for consumption on the recreational market. Dispensaries and online delivery services will, more often than not, have cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles available for purchase by their valued customers. Which has us wondering about the different kind of high between flower vs concentrates vs edibles.

This level of variety has introduced subtleties in the high cannabis consumers experience depending on their means of delivering the THC into the body. We recognize these differences in how the impact of THC can differ depending on how it is consumed. Comparing the flower vs concentrate vs edible high we’ll help explain the subtle changes in each that you may expect to experience.

When it comes to flower consumption, the experience is to be expected. As the most straightforward way to feel the effects of THC, the flower high is about average. It’s not going to smack you in the face immediately making you too stoned to move, but it’ll definitely give you that creeping head or body change depending on your strain of choice. 

Cannabis concentrates tend to come on strong and fast. Their high levels of THC and consumption methods are favorable for a very upfront and potent experience. On the other hand, cannabis edibles tend to take effect slowly as the cannabinoids are digested and spread throughout the bloodstream. It may take some time, but lots of people love the potency and full-body high that edibles offer for their consumers.

flower vs concentrates vs edibles

Comparing Cannabis Form Factors

Cannabis products come in a variety of form factors, even in the broad categories of flowers, concentrates, and edibles. Each one of these delivery methods has a small distinction in how the high from the THC is experienced. Cannabis flowers can be consumed in a joint, blunt, bong, pipe, or vaporizer. 

Concentrates can be rolled in a joint or blunt, topped on a bowl, dabbed, or vaporized from a cartridge and battery system. 

Edibles can be found in a wide variety of delivery methods, including beverages, chocolates, gummies, chips, and syrups. There are plenty of reasons to love them all, but if it’s a specific type of high you want, here’s what to expect.

Flower High

Cannabis flowers are the classic method of consuming cannabinoids. The high that someone should expect when consuming some weed in a joint, bong, or dry herb vape is quite enjoyable. It isn’t too forward too fast – cannabis flowers have a nice, gradual intoxication for everyone to enjoy. Before we move on to cannabis concentrates, let us help you with some general answers to questions like “How long does it take weed to kick in?” and “How long does a weed high last?” 

How Long Does it Take Weed to Kick In

It takes a relatively short amount of time for weed to kick in. You’re not going to get smacked in the face the same way taking a fat dab can, but you’re going to feel the high coming on pretty soon after consumption. It’s a nice subtle gradual feeling when the weed starts to kick in after a hit. You’ll feel the initial effects within just a few minutes.

How Long Does a Weed High Last

A weed high will last differently for the individual person depending on a few different factors, including a person’s tolerance, the amount of weed consumed, and the potency of the cannabis flowers. A general timeframe for the length of a weed high is about 2-4 hours for a normal dosage of cannabinoids.  

Concentrate High

The high from cannabis concentrate is a bit different than the classic weed high. When it comes to concentrates, expect a more potent and forward high with less of a gradual intoxication. If you’re curious about trying out some cannabis concentrates, let’s cover how long it takes for them to kick in and how long does a concentrate-high last. 

How Long Does it Take Concentrates to Kick In

Concentrates usually kick in right after exhaling them, especially if you’re preferred method is dabbing. Most people will feel a dab right after taking one, making it an ideal way to get stoned fast. The high will continue to rise for a short period after consumption before it plateaus. Vaping is generally the same, although you can control how big of a hit you take. This might not delay the effects, but the intensity.

How Long Does a Concentrate High Last

If you’re wondering how long does a concentrate high last, the answer is typically longer than a weed high. Again it also depends on the amount of concentrate consumed, the tolerance of the person consuming it, and the cannabinoid potency of the concentrate itself. Generally, the effects of concentrates can be felt from 1-5 for a normal dosage. 

Edibles High

The high that you’ll get from an edible will be different from the other two main categories of cannabis flower and concentrate. More specifically, this high varies in how long it takes edibles to kick in, as well as how long an edible high lasts. 

How Long Does it Take Edibles to Kick In

Edibles kick in after they have been digested and the THC has been distributed to the bloodstream through the stomach. This means that they take the longest to kick in due to the need for digestion. Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to take effect. 

How Long Does an Edibles High Last

Edible highs also usually last longer than a weed or concentrate high. Depending on tolerance and milligrams, an edible can last anywhere from 2-8 hours. However, there is no set timeline. Bodies can handle THC a little differently from one another and your edibles dosage play a big role. 

Which is Better: Flower vs Concentrates vs Edibles

There is no right or wrong answer here when it comes to flowers vs concentrates vs edibles being better. It all boils down to personal preference mostly. Another factor to consider is the occasion. You may find each type to be better for certain situations, allowing yourself a more tailored cannabis consumption experience. 

Edibles are perfect for winding down for the evening and getting a great night’s sleep, whereas a vape pen or joint might be better for a social experience. There’s no wrong way to catch a buzz, and Lime has multiple goodies in every form factor you can imagine!