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How to Roll a Joint With a Filter

There is just something special about a well-rolled joint that smokes perfectly from start to finish. However, it’s quite common for a person not to know how to roll a joint. In this case, pre-rolls come in handy! However, with some practice and our pro joint rolling tips, we’ll have

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Best Practices on How to Store Concentrates

What good is a terpene-rich, sticky icky dab if it’s wet? Or dusty? Or has dog hair in it? Not so good, in our opinion. Cannabis extracts are the creme de la creme of modern weed, meant to offer a supremely uplifted high without having to smoke a whole joint. 

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Comparing the High: Flower vs Concentrates vs Edibles

There is a plethora of cannabis or cannabis-infused products available for consumption on the recreational market. Dispensaries and online delivery services will, more often than not, have cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles available for purchase by their valued customers. Which has us wondering about the different kind of high between flower

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell After Smoking

Plenty of people wish they could bottle the aroma of their favorite strain of cannabis and wear it like a perfume. And hey, many strains are delightful to the nose and would wear quite well. But, there are just as many reasons why people want to know how to get

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