Best Practices on How to Store Concentrates

What good is a terpene-rich, sticky icky dab if it’s wet? Or dusty? Or has dog hair in it? Not so good, in our opinion. Cannabis extracts are the creme de la creme of modern weed, meant to offer a supremely uplifted high without having to smoke a whole joint. 

So, if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, dabs and vape pens are the way to go. But, if you don’t store them correctly, they could all go to waste. So, read on and learn how to store concentrates so they stay as fresh as possible for the long haul. 

Best Practices For How to Store Concentrates 

Although it’s not rocket science, there are definitely some factors to consider when deciding how to store concentrates.


Always choose an airtight container for long-term storage. Glass is an excellent material, and many glass containers offer a sealable gasket on the lid that will keep out any additional air and moisture. If you can, choose a dark glass container to keep out light. Miron glass is an excellent option because it is biophotonic and filters out sunlight. It will extend the shelf life of your wax and preserve their potency for the long haul. Basically, if it’s good for weed storage, it will work for concentrates. 

Conditions & Temperature

Depending on where you live, you might have to be more careful about the climate when figuring out how to store concentrates. Humidity is not good for concentrates unless you enjoy mold. Just kidding, no one likes mold, and you should never smoke or dab anything with mold. 

Primo dabs need a primo environment, which means keeping them away from excess moisture, heat, and light. Heat and light will break down the cannabinoid content, reducing the quality of your hash. A proper airtight, dark glass jar will help eliminate these issues. 

Storing concentrates in a refrigerator between uses is a great idea to increase the longevity of their freshness, terpene content, and cannabinoids. Just make sure to let your jars come to room temperature before you open them so moisture can’t make its way inside your top-shelf extracts. 

Temperature best practices:

  • Water Hash should be stored in the freezer at 30 degrees Fahrenheit or below. 
  • Rosin should be kept in the fridge for short-term storage at 35-50 degrees F and in the freezer at 30 degrees F or below for the longer term. 
  • Solvent-based extracts can be left out in environments below 70 degrees F, however, best practice is to store them as you would rosin for short-term periods of time at 35-50 degrees.  
how to store concentrates

How to Store Concentrates: Short Term vs. Long Term

You always want to smoke the freshest concentrates possible. Both short and long-term storage is definitely a job for a resealable, airtight glass jar. Amber glass is perfect, or black or darker colored specialty glass like Miron. If you have a lot of wax to store, you can use amber mason jars. 

Airtight containers are a must for concentrates, and your concentrates should always come in jars that seal off the outside elements when they are closed properly. This makes it a great idea to store your concentrates in the fridge for short term use, and in the freezer for long term storage. 

Always make sure to allow your extract to reach room temperature before opening the jar and breaking the airtight seal. These colder temperatures will aid in protecting the cannabinoids from degradation. 

How Long Can Concentrates Last if Stored Properly?

If you’re storing for less than six months but not using the concentrates daily, keep them in an opaque airtight container in the fridge. If you need to store them for longer, consider vacuum sealing, then placing the vac sac inside an opaque container, and tossing them into the freezer. Again, a fridge is a good choice if you live in a hot climate, otherwise just put them somewhere safe in the dark where they’ll stay cool. 

When stored properly, they will last about a year. Make sure to check your concentrates packaging for a manufactured and expiration date to use for your reference. 

Best Practices to Store Vape Carts

It might seem like vape carts are already in their own self-storage device. They kind of are, but a few good habits will ensure they don’t leak, break, or lose potency. 


Vape carts are basically living in a storage unit. The cartridge itself is made of glass and contains the oil perfectly. Some cartridges are refillable and can be used time and time again, but most are disposable vapes or screw off of the battery and are thrown away when empty. 

The important thing to remember about storing vape carts is to keep them upright. It’s so easy to toss a pen into your pocket or bag and forget about it, but this is the most common reason why pens clog up or leak. Keep it upright, and it will last much longer and work better. Use a pencil holder or small cup to make this job easier!

Conditions & Temperature

You definitely do not want your vape pen to freeze or melt. Freezing is the death of a cartridge, and too much heat will lead to a sticky mess of leaking oil. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew, so just keep your vapes at a reasonable temperature, and you should be just fine.

How to Store Vape Carts: Short Term vs. Long Term

Keep your vape pens in a cool, dry place away from heat and light, and they’ll stay fresh for a long time. Store them upright, and if you have plenty, you can pack a bunch inside a tall mason jar and seal it up. Then, just tuck the jar away into a dark cabinet or closet, and they’ll be ready when you are.

How Long Can Vape Carts Last if Stored Properly?

Vape pens have a pretty long shelf life if you store them properly. So, keep them cool, dark, and upright, and you’ll be able to vape them about a year later. A little bit of natural degradation may affect the potency just a bit, but they’ll still taste great and get the job done.  

How to Store Concentrates in the Fridge or Freezer

Even the light from your fridge can degrade potency over time, so if you are going to store it in the refrigerator, please put the dabs inside a fully opaque container. Double up to make sure no light gets in. 

Avoid the freezer. It can lead to freezer burn and mold after thawing since cartridges aren’t always assembled to be airtight. Vape pens shouldn’t be stored in the freezer, but in the right packaging fridge storage can help retain all the wonderful cannabinoids found in your favorite strain. 

It is best to leave the vape pen in its box when storing in the refrigerator and make sure that the temperature isn’t set too close to freezing. 

Future Dabs

If you are lucky enough to have a hefty head stash of concentrates, long-term storage is a way to build up a mini vault of premium dabs. Just think how fun it would be to have a party and bust out an entire sample pack of dabs you’ve been saving up and storing just for this occasion. If you store them well, you’ll have an array of terpene-rich shatters, waxes, and live resins to impress your guests. 

Might we suggest stocking your stash with some premium dabs from Lime? And while you’re at it, check out our tips on cleaning your dab rig, so it’s glistening for your next session.